Surf Photography

So aren’t we all a little photographer of our own? One of the world’s most popular social media is Instagram. I know we’re all a little addicted to it, don’t deny it! Anyway, it consists of you taking the perfect picture to maintain the perfect follower score. I’m not gonna lie.. I’m a victim of… Continue reading Surf Photography

The need to escape even further..

Although some might think or say, that I’m pretty lucky. To be from this beautiful island, and not only live in this island but to be living in the part of the island that’s just beautiful sandy beaches with almost (sometimes) perfect swell for surf, coconuts and being able to meet new people all the… Continue reading The need to escape even further..

Weekend in Hiriketiya 

Living in Weligama is pretty great, but leaving Weligama to visit other beaches seem a little bit greater. Since I’ve been living in Weligama for almost a year now (what?!), it’s become more of a home away from home. So, getting away for a few days is just..ALWAYS needed, to be honest. I’ve been to… Continue reading Weekend in Hiriketiya 

Leaving to become a nomad..of some sort.

I could say that I’m already a nomad, since I left home earlier this year, but the fact that I still work all day, with a weekend to look forward to, doesn’t really make me feel that much of a nomad at all. To leave everything behind is scary. It was scary to move from… Continue reading Leaving to become a nomad..of some sort.